Pit Bull Grabs Baby By The Diaper And Pulls Her To The Floor – Then The Mom Realizes The Dangerous Situation

Pit bulls get a log of negative media attention and most people think they are aggressive and intimidating dogs.

Certainly, if they have an aggressive owner that uses that dog to intimidate others then they can become unpredictable and threatening.

For the most part a dog is the product of the way it’s been treated.

Baby Masailah and pit bull Sasha were born just days apart and spend every moment together, sharing a bed and even a bath.

Mom Latana Chai, from California, had just put seven-month-old Masailah down and was enjoying being outside in her yard on a warm summer’s evening.

It was then that Sasha started to behave strangely.

Then at around midnight on that Saturday night Latana heard a loud bang.

“I was like, ‘what’s going on?’ I heard Sasha crying and she kept jumping at the door. As soon as I got to the door, she runs in and starts barking,” Latana said, according to Kare 11

“Little did I know she was trying to warn us of the fire. I got out of bed to see what was going on. At that moment I opened the back door and Sasha ran into our home, straight into our bedroom,” Latana explained on GoFundMe.

When she opened the door to let Sasha in she ran to Masailah’s room.

Then she noticed black smoke coming from the ceiling, a fire that was spreading from their neighbor’s house to theirs.